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america, you can get away with murder. >> a sentiment echoed at the spot where caylee's remains were found nearly three years ago. >> she got away with murder. she got away with murder. >> stunned, disbelief and anger. how could that jury come to this conclusion? >> the prosecution didn't meet their burden of proof. >> this alternate juror defensed the verdict. >> and the prosecutor admitted defeat. >> we didn't believe na a not guilty verdict in that period of time is realistic, but that's the jury system. >> the lead attorney tempered his reaction. >> there are no winners in this case. >> yet the entire defense team could be seen celebrating at a local bar. attorney mason making an obscene gesture for the camera. >> we'll set sentencing thursday at 9:00 a.m. >> tomorrow morning casey could leave the courthouse a free woman. what happens after that is anyone's guess.
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>> she may have revealed in a jailhouse letter a year ago. in that letter she said when she's free she planned to get pregnant and have another baby. >> her former fiance says she needs to repent. >> right now she has everything she ever wanted. she's going to have money. she's going to have people at her doorstep wanting her. she's going to have that partying lifestyle she so craved. at the end of the day she's going to have to answer for why caylee isn't on this earth anymore. >> let's head straight to orlando. lilia has been covering this trial from the very beginning. you join us live at the moment. a lot of outrage yesterday as you were on the courthouse steps there, were any people outside that agreed with the verdict? >> reporter: there certainly were, richard, and thankfully nothing happened in terms of an outrage or in terms of a fight that might have broken out. just because so many people that were running back and forth.
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not only online but as you can see outside the courtroom, the one anonymous emotion is disbelief. even those who feel that casey anthony was innocent or the prosecution failed to show enough proof, were surprised at the verdict. most people were expecting at least for her to spend some time in jail or just get convicted of a misdemeanor -- she did get convicted of a disdemeanor, but a lesser charge related to the death of caylee. and that of course never happened. so a great deal of anger from some. but some are saying the constitution was upheld. there was not enough proof that's how our justice system works. >> we've gom to all of the characters. all the members of this family. for instance, george and cindy. a statement from them reads, the family may never know what has happened to caylee marie anthony, they now have closure for this chapter of their life.
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there is that and if the parents have been even spoken with casey since the verdict was given. any indication there? >> reporter: we don't know what type of communication has been going on back and forth. i know that the family did ask for some time to reflect on the verdict and see how they will progress or move on from there. you have to keep in mind that there were very strong and rather negative allegations made during that trial and in that statement you just read, it was actually mentioned that casey's defense chose a negative or they say not based on the truth defense to proceed. however, one thing they asked was for people not to leave any toys or stuffed animals or flowers around the home. that they want to honor caylee's memory to please just maybe donate those to charities or to children in need. >> lilia, thank you very much with the latest for us watching
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the aftermath of the verdict that came out yesterday. now for some more on this story, legal analysis let's bring in criminal defense attorney johna. casey as a defendant seemed as though it was a slam dunk some might say for the prosecution. her actions before the case started. there was how she related her feelings during the case when certain things were being said. what happened here? >> i think the prosecution was never going to get a first-degree murder conviction. i agree with the jury on that. where i think the prosecution failed was they had this huge hole in the story they could never prove the cause of death. sometimes you don't need to prove a cause of death. but when you have a jury that you pluck from 100 miles away, you sequester them. they can't kiss their kids good night. they can't send an email or read the paper for a month and then you say to them, we're not going to give you the cause of death, but we want you to sentence this defendant to death, the jurors had to step back and go what
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kind of bag of goods russelling us? they probably underestimated the jury without that piece of evidence the cause of death, the jury had no choice but to acquit on these charges. >> it could have been a very complex decision for them. it was a complex decision for them. so all said, is this a lack of evidence or good defense? that's the headline question now. >> it sure is. it's both. again, the prosecution had one critical piece missing. they sort of undermined the jury by making the cause of death seem so unimportant. it's very important in a case like this. but i will say this, jose baez put on a good defense in the sense that his inexperience helped him win this case. he really pandered not to the jury, but to the court of appeals. when you put on a good technical defense -- >> she's thinking of the next step here. >> he was thinking of the next step. he was making a great record. that saves him. >> what do you think? will there be an appeal? what's the next step? >> they can't. >> a civil case by whom? >> yeah, by whom?
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that's a great question. i doubt that the grandparents are going to do anything about it. i would be worried if i were george anthony that prosecutors might be looking at him there were some heinous allegations made by the defense about sexual abuse, et cetera. >> what do you think about judge perry and what he'll do tomorrow? 24 hours from now, he'll have to make a decision or tell us his decision about those four misdemeanor charges that she was found guilty of. will she spend four years in prison in addition? >> no. i don't think the judge is going to send any message. she could technically do four years if he ran those sentences concurrent. she's been sitting in jail for almost three years. she's probably going to walk with time served. what her life is going to be like after tomorrow is a mystery. i think he's going to let her go. >> walk out of that jail cell tomorrow. >> she could be entering another hot body con it's friday night. that's what she could be doing and that's sad, regardless. >> thank you so much. another high profile court
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case, defense attorneys for dominique strauss-kahn are meeting right now with prosecutors who charged him with the sexual assault of a hotel maid. this meeting could be the first step to dismisses the charges. we have been covering the story from the beginning. what's the latest? >> the wire now reporting that strauss-kahn's defense team has just arrived at the meeting with prosecutors. a couple of things could happen here. they're going to meet and prosecutors are reportedly going to try to save this case. many legal experts agree, in fact almost all of them agree the sexual assault claims to to be dropped because they don't have a credible witness anymore. they might try to get strauss-kahn to plead to a misdemeanor. the defense team for strauss-kahn said we will accept nothing short of a complete dismissal. you're going to see a chess match here. that's what's expected behind closed doors. anything can happen. the prosecutors could decide to drop the case. they could tell the defense team we want to charge him with a
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misdemeanor and he should plead out. they can give him his passport back. a lot of different things can happen. that meeting is happening right now. >> thank you very much with the latest information with dominique strauss-kahn. new intelligence shows terrorists are talking about surgically implants bombs into passengers who fly into the u.s. from overseas. authorities have notified airlines that these bombs would be surgically implanted and not just explosives hidden in body cavities. passengers should expect more airport security pat downs. officials saying there's no indication of any actual operation or plot just a discussion of how it could be done. now to washington, a big meeting on the hill tomorrow. leaders from both sides of the aisle will come together to try a break a deadlock over the nation's debt. yesterday president obama made a rare appearance in the white house briefing room to urge lawmakers to show up with the right attitude. >> it's my hope to everybody's going to leave their ultimatums at the door. they will leave political rhetoric at the door and we're
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going to do what's best for our economy and do what's best for our people. >> house speaker john boehner put out this tough statement quote saying, i am happy at the moment to discuss these issues at the white house, but these discussions will be fruitless until the president recognizes economic and legislative reality. luke russert covers capitol hill for us. luke, part of that discussion is the mini deal with senators reid and mcconnell were discussing earlier. where does that stand in this discussion so far? >> it's interesting, one of the things that is being thrown up on capitol hill is somewhat of a mini deal. saying look, there's not enough time within the next three weeks in order to hammer out a long-term deficit reduction. perhaps there could be a piecemeal deal to allow there to be more time served for negotiations to develop that. is something that the white house came out strongly against yesterday and also had an unlikely ally in that that's house speaker john boehner. why does the white house and the house of speakers not want to
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have another debt deal talked about in the next few months? political. it's a very difficult vote to tell members that they voted to increase the nation's deficit in an election year. why is this senate for inclined to support that? mitch mcconnell could become the republican majority lead ner the senate. democrats have to defend 23 seats there and this would be a politically unpopular vote for them to do, richard. >> thank you very much. the very latest are luke russert on the debt discussion. it looked like a scene from a movie, but it's not. the incredible video of a 50-mile wide dust storm that blanksed the city of phoenix. a change in prince william and kate's travel schedule. the private day will be spent with victims of a wildfire. a look at wall street. another update up 35. the nasdaq is up five points. male announcer ] kiss everything you know about cookies goodbye. new newtons fruit thins.
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real blueberries and blueberry brown sugar... crispy whole grain. newtons fruit thins, one unique cookie. constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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more than a dozen men accused in a series of sexual assaults on an 11-year-old girl are expected today. prosecutors say the girl was assaulted on at least five occasions by as men as seven or eight young men or boys at a time. five juvenile boys also have been charged in this. the case has divided this small texas town of cleveland where some have blamed the girl for what happened because she wore makeup. one person is dead after a fireworks accident in north dakota. police saying a 41-year-old man died after mortar style firework exploded when he dried to ignite it with a hand lighter. the man was in the middle of the street when the shell exploded decapitating him. officials are unsure how the man got that device. a landmark gay history bill is on its way to california.
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governor jerry brown and state lawmakers are passes this bill on a party line vote that adds the contributions to school curriculum and prohibits derogatory material on gays. governor brown has not said whether he would sign that. and president obama is about to do something no other president has done before. possibly in 140 characters or less. plus it's not your typical police chase. there was certainly a lot of horsepower. and now a look at what's hot on the web for you. kim kardashian is coming under fire for her tweet about the not guilty verdict many the casey anthony trial. here's what she wrote? what? casey anthony found not guilty. i am speechless. in case you didn't know, kim's late father robert kardashian was a member of o.j. simpson's legal dream team. simpson was also acquitted of murder another shocking verdict. kim saying despite the connection she's allowed to have her own opinion. on facebook the focus is on
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caylee. nearly two million people are attending the online created event porch lights for caylee marie anthony. charlie sheen will be back on tv soon, at least for one night. he's being roasted by comedy central and reportedly nothing is offlimits. the show airs on september 19th, the same night ashton toucher makes his debut on "two and a half men." national kissing day is getting a lot of love on twitter today. it is a real day today. it's even celebrated around the world. if you didn't know, kissing is good for you. it helps reduce stress. also burns off about two calories a minute. so you'll have to kiss for a long time to get rid of those love handles. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react
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kate are departing for california, alberta, right now on day seven of their canadian tour. the royal couple took part in a street hockey game in yellowknife, canada, yesterday, william was unable to land the puck many the net three times. even when he asked the goalie to let a shot in. kate took part as well. she dropped the ceremonial first puck to start the game. nbc's peter alexander is there and has more. >> they'll never fly under the radar, but tuesday afternoon william and kate did escape the crowds taking a float plane deep into canada's wilderness here in the northwest territories. they might be one of the world's most glamorous couple but the couple got back to base you cans. paddling across a lake, dining off paper plates. and warming up with brand new sweatshirts, a gift from their canadian hosts. in fact, it was a day filled with many gifts including moccasins and a hunting knife. their evening activity in a region where the sun never sets
12:21 pm
capped off another memorable day for the future king and queen who were serenaded by aboriginal drummers and treated to a traditional dance. william engrashuated with a show of respect thanking their hosts in two aboriginal languages. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> here in the northern birthplace of hockey, canada's national sport, the duke and duchess received another royal welcome. wisely kate was given number one, her husband number two. she dropped the ceremonial first ball, while william put his street hockey skills to the test. the reaction priceless as the prince was shut out by a 20-year-old calvin lowman. >> i'm so speechless. >> you're still shaking. >> yeah. >> he wasn't the only one. >> just very exciting. >> mary lou murphy was in that
12:22 pm
crowd. she met charles and die ya na in 1983 and came back tuesday to meet william and kate. >> i feel like a kid. >> hundreds of thousands turned out to see the royal last week, the remote and intimate setting in yellowknife gave the folks a chance to get up close and personal with the newlyweds. including us. >> katherine, are you excited for your first trip to the yes? >> i'm quite looking forward to it. >> how do you dazzle a duchess? with diamonds of course. a harry winston polar bear brooch and matching cuff links for the future king. 692 diamonds between them. and peter is never going to wash that right hand again after shaking the duchess' hand there. thank you for that. to a massive wall of dust that swept across central arizona last night. it was all caught on camera. we do mean massive. this thing was 50 miles wide and a mile high. the visibility in phoenix was so bad it forced the airport to close and brought traffic to a
12:23 pm
stand still. the dust clouds were blown in by 50 to 60 miles per hour wind which knocked down power lines and started one fire. it's not your typical car chase. a police dash cam caught a run away horse which galloped eight miles down a highway after breaking out a farm. they tried to do everything they could to block the horse named java. it got tired and stopped on its own. java is now back with its owner. the owner of this boat got knocked into the water by a wave. that didn't mean the dote didn't have fun on its own. the boat isled for hours as sheriff's deputies tried to rope it in. they were using a lasso. there's a chance casey anthony could be a free woman tomorrow morning after a jury acquitted her on murder charges. why many lawyers say the verdict was a victory for the system. plus the crew of space shuttle atlantis is preparing for its final flight.
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welcome back to msnbc. i'm richard lui. oil prices have dropped after the president announced the release of 30 million barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve. they have since rebounded. oil is trading at $97 a barrel right now. rescue teams are expanding their search for the seven u.s. tourists still missing after their boat capsized off the coast of mexico. one american died. 19 ors were rescued. former mob boss whitey bulger will be arraigned in a boston courtroom for his alleged role in 19 murders. he was caught in california last month after being on the run for 16 years. the south korean city was awarded the 2018 winter olympics. beating out munic as well as a city in france, the city lost two previous bids as well. two big birthdays to celebrate today. nancy regan turns 90. former president george w. bush
12:28 pm
is 65 years old. happy birthday all. with less than a month left before the nation's debt clock runs out, republicans are refusing to back down on their anti-tax rhetoric. this morning he or she speaker john boehner submitted a question for president obama's twitter town hall this afternoon. the house speaker asking quote, will you take job destroying tax hikes off table? the president standing his ground as well. take a listen. >> tough problems. it's in fact, what drives the nuts about washington when both parties simply take the path of least resistance. >> jamal simmons is a democratic strategist. doug hayes is a republican strategist. thank you for joining us. the president has said he's willing to compromise. will republicans? >> it certainly doesn't look like it. at least put it this way, at least they're pretending not to. we'll see what happens as we get closer to the deal. neither the republicans nor the democrats can afford for us to go over the cliff on the debt.
12:29 pm
and the u.s. not to pay its bills. nobody wants that. at some point a deal is going to have to be reached. right now it looks like we're in a game of the brinks manningship. >> this week david brooks which i'm sure you're familiar with this article in "the new york times" saying quote, if responsible republicans don't take control independents will conclude that republican fanaticism caused the default. they will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern and they will be right, end quote. so are republicans giving too much weight to the tea party caucus right now? what do you think? >> i don't think so. if you paid attention, i know you did and jamal did to the elections last year, we saw a lot of democrats campaigning not to raise taxes in a time of recession. that that would be a jobs killer. an economic mess for us. and we want to listen to those democrats who push that in november, certainly a lot of republicans did as well or republican leadership pushes that. that's good and proper. we want to remember that the
12:30 pm
bush tax cuts as they're called really have become democrat tax cuts. they were signed into law and passed by a democrat house and senate. >> as we look at this very important chapter this debate over the debt, august 2nd has been put out there as the time by which congress needs to come up in agreement with the president. i want to play with michele bachmann has said about this august 2nd date. >> well, first of all, it isn't true that the government would default on its debt because very simply the treasury secretary can pay interest on the debt first and then from there we have to just prioritize our spending. >> so what do you think? is august 2nd a real date. >> yes, it's a real date. i remember in college when we didn't have enough money to pay the bills. you pay the rent or the light bill, your tuition. either way your credit rating goes down. at some point we can't just say we're going to pay the interest
12:31 pm
and not pay other bills. the united states government has to pay all its bills. that means we have to raise the debt limit. in order to solve the deficit crisis every end pent group, every bipartisan group that looked at this, all those groups have said we've got to cut domestic spending. we've got to cut defense spending. got to control entitlements and raise revenues. we don't do this without cutting tax loopholes for corporations. >> doug, we debated this not too many months ago. some of the divide devices that the treasury secretary could employ say gives him a week, two weeks some time after a hard deadline. >> that looks to be true. i think republicans agree that august 2nd is really the date where a deal would be reached or not reached. i'd agree with jamal. we have to pay our bills. the problem is washington has had too many bills. we've seen too much of an explosion in spending. that's what republicans were put in congress to do is stop the
12:32 pm
spending insanity. >> you believe in august 2nd as well. >> absolutely. one more thing david brooks said you're going to get more spending cuts than you will have to do in tax revenues. why not take the deal that the democrats are offering which is a win for the republican party. >> any comment there, doug. >> we don't know exactly what a deal might be yet. we know that democrats last year campaigned time and time again against tax incroce of any kind. the republican committee, the republican national committee released an ad that said change direction. that's what voters voted for last year and that's what republicans are trying to do. >> as we try to get towards a solution, the democrats and president are tougher this round since the new year in the last budget debate. there we saw boehner and the gop coming on quite strong. a little bit different this time around. >> in all fairness the president wasn't in the strongest position after the november elections last year with the american people to wage this fight. over the course of the last six
12:33 pm
months he's established himself as a leader. somebody that's willing to do what takes and compromise in order to keep the country together. the republicans instead of meeting him in the middle they've gone further right to keep their tea party base. >> are they being more combative? >> it's okay to be combative for something you believe in if the american people are on your side. if you look at the polls and every bipartisan plan on the deficit they have the same components which includes closing tax hole loopholes. >> boehner and mcconnell are concerned about the on theistings in the face of the tea party energy. they're still handling back channel skigss on this issue. try to put those two together. >> that's what you do. you have private negotiations and you speak publicly about what's going on as publicly as you can. i can tell you last year i was with tea party activists in meetings month after month. one of them went for four hours. we are all facing in the right direction and certainly we hope
12:34 pm
as republicans that we'll stop the spending instan any in washington. it has to stop. if we pass some kind of increase in the debt limit without doing that, we won't have served our country very well. >> that's not what the democrats are offering. the democrats are saying cut spending and cut tax loopholes. >> thank you very much for your time today. >> thank you. >>. the military has announce that had the fort hood shooting suspect will be tried in military court and face the death penalty. he is charged with 45 counts of premeditated in the shooting spree at the texas army post in 2009. 13 people were killed. 29 more for injured. it is unclear when the former army psychiatrist will be arraigned in a fort hood courtroom. stick with us. we'll be following the break news for you. the weather can put a damper on this friday's last space shuttle launch. forecasters saying there's a 70% chance that rain or thunderstorms will prevent atlantis from flying on friday.
12:35 pm
a as many as one million people are expected to jame cape ka-and-a-half real for this historical liftoff. in the launch is a go tune into msnbc friday for live coverage of the final space shuttle launch. a huge memorial is being built in washington, d.c. right now dedicated to martin luther king junior. but it's creating huge controversy. why? plus, facebook is about to make a big announcement in about 20 minutes. will it be as awesome as they claim? [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all.
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diabetes related kidney disease continues to rise. in fact, kidney disease affects about 40% of diabetes patients. researchers say new drugs are helping patients better control their blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, but there has been no progress in preventing kidney disease. nearly half a million people are expected in the nation's capital next month for the unveiling of the martin luther king memorial. now in comparison it is 11 feet taller than its neighbors such as president abraham lincoln on one side of the tidal basin. and the thomas jefferson statue which stands at the memorial on the're side of the basin. this center piece on the left hand side is the 30 feet tall. it's massive. there's a sculpture of the slain civil rights leader to give you a sense of what it will look like. it was made in china by a sculptor, a choice that's sparking a lot of controversy. critics say his design looks too asian. and the likeness of king with
12:40 pm
his arms crossed is too confrontational. others say it should have been made in america. but by an american artist as well. king's children have a different view on this. his son martin luther king the third told "usa today", this quote, i've seen 50 sculptures of my dad and 47 are not good reflections. this particular artist has done a good job, but my father was not confrontational given what he was fatesing at the time, what else could he be. this sculptor created dozens of pieces on black history including seven king memorials. he's seen a lot of these. thanks for joining us today. when you do hear of mlk's son's response, what do you think of what he said? >> i have to say that what else could he say? the sculpture's done. there's nothing he can say to change that.
12:41 pm
he should have got involved in that process earlier in the game. so you couldn't expect them to say anything else. >> you don't believe that he really believes it is a good representation of his father? >> not necessarily. art is in the eye of the beholder. there are a lot of other things -- a lot of other issues that would dictate his answers to that. that doesn't have anything to do with the sculpture today and the planning of it because he was not involved in any of that. >> what do you think he could have done -- what could be done better with this sculpture? >> you know, the sculpture it is con tron factual. and the original design that i did doctor king was way back into the stone so that he was there but he was spiritually there, but not really there. and that's the kind of approach
12:42 pm
that i had to the memorial. >> i understand. >> and they wanted to bring him out of the -- even that you know, it has to do with training and this -- this artist was trained in russia. and there's a lot of russian influence in the sculpture. he had done the sculpture quite similar to this one earlier and there's a lot of -- it's as if he just took doctor king's head and put it on that sculpture that he he had done before. >> we have a statement from the mlk foundation that chose the artist and say, we are guided by his stated belief that we should not judge a person by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. keeping with dr. king's kwaeltity and opportunity for all the foundation selection process was international and open. do you agree with what they said
12:43 pm
there? >> no. they take the color of your skin and character thing and they put it in reverse. dr. king that statement from dr. king was done to convince the larger community that they could not just us by the color of our skin. now they've taken the thing and flipped it in reverse to use it to say dr. king wouldn't be bothered by having a chinese sculptor do this memorial. i totally disagree with that. i think dr. king would be turning over in his grave if he knew. dr. king was about black self-sufficiency. he was not, i don't care what they say, he was not about this whole idea, his views toward communism were -- >> to that question then, you've been very successful as an artist and a sculptor. what do you think here is important? what needs to stand out when it comes to depicting black history in art? >> well, you know, i've done 113 memorials around the country.
12:44 pm
and the whole issue is it's trying to get the essence of what black people went through and trying to tell the story because there are a lot of white people in this country they have no idea what slavery was about. what black suffering was about. what the struggle was all about. and they would like in history to minimize it because history's history. let's walk away and forget it. and so i have some strong feelings about how dr. king is represented. the scale of it is not correct. because you can't see him if you get on the plaza itself you can't see his face because he's so tall. and so scale has a problem here as well as the way he's presented. >> the for your time today vchl a very good day. >> you bet. thank you. mitt romney leading the money raise. his campaign reporting $18 million in the second quarter fundraising. a campaign says it has about $12
12:45 pm
million cash on hand. romney also leads in the latest new hampshire poll with 35% when you look at the numbers. but michele bachmann's gain with 12%. an eight-point jump from the last poll. jon huntsman's not getting much traction. he's trailing with 2%. more bad news for huntsman, his former chief of staff utah congressman is endorsing romney calling him more electable. meanwhile, a couple of other candidates are doubling down on iowa. here's rick santorum on cnbc this week. take a listen. >> it's a big mistake for any candidate to bypass iowa. i think it shows weakness not strength. if you can't compete in the heartland of america, it's a big mistake for governor romney, for governor hundredsman. tim pawlenty is upping the iowa stakes with a huckabee. he's hired sarah huckabee sanders. the daughter of mike huckabee who helped her father win the iowa caucuses back in 2008.
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hi i'm andrea mitchell. coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports," president obama summons lawmakers to the white house for a deficit summit tomorrow. will they hammer out a compromise or keep hammering each other. plus, it's twitter time at the white house today. while politicians are trading barbs in 140 characters or less. the white house gets ready for an audience of you guessed it, 140 people. and the real facts are starting to seep out about that oil spill in montana. "andrea mitchell reports" coming up next in 15 minutes. prosecutors had the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that casey anthony killed her daughter. but was it unreasonable certainty that convicted casey in the court of public opinion? >> the information that we got made her seem guilty. >> i personally was convinced as a mom that how could she have
12:50 pm
done what she did or didn't do regardless, but for that whole month that that child was missing. >> i think that jose baez did a poor job and in the end somehow he was able to convince the jury that there was reasonable doubt that she didn't do it. >> douglas berman is a law professor at ohio state university. professor, when we look at all the data that as viewers looking in that we had access to, were viewers better informed than the jury some are asking? >> i'm not sure that's the conclusion i would draw. i think i'm inclined to say that the lay public watching this trial makes a gut judgment do i think she did it or not. certainly she was revealed to be a liar. so when she says she didn't do it, our instincts watching and not studying the evidence like the jury's expected to, say, i think she's responsible. i think she's guilty. but the jurors were asked and
12:51 pm
this was emphasized by the defense at closing the question wasn't do you think she did it, the question is has the prosecution met its burden of proving that she murdered her child beyond a reasonable doubt? it seems as though they may not have thought she was a terrific mother or that she acted properly, but they just couldn't get over that hurdle of needing the proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the alternate actually said that he thought she was a good mother and that so did the other jurors. i want to play now that we're finally getting some access to what the prosecutors were thinking what the defense attorneys were thinking. i want to play a little bit of that from "today." >> reasonable doubt lives here. it's throughout the case. it's right here. it's with these individuals. it's with those individuals. it's everywhere. >> beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard. the jurors may have thought as i
12:52 pm
do, but beyond reasonable doubt is a high standard. i respect the fact that they applied the law to the case as they saw it. >> did the jurors enforce that the system is strong? >> i think the jurors took very seriously that obligation of proof yonld a reasonable doubt. one of the things i've been speculating about is because the state was seeking a death sentence here. the jurors may have leaned toward beyond all doubt. they recognized the stakes were as high as they could get. and the term reasonable could be judged by different jurors in a variety of different ways. it may be buzz the state is not just saying she's responsible, but she should die for this crime. that any holes in the state's case stood out to the jurors as they were trying to decide whether or not to convict her. >> as a law professor, do you think this will affect future trials? do you expect things to change at all? >> i think this beyond a reasonable doubt standard is one
12:53 pm
that's always subject to debate and discussion and what can take place is both sides will give their version of why think they that sports or doesn't support a conviction when you have a case like that where you don't have the slam bang proof that many people have come to expect. i doubt we'll see reform from this case alone. i think it will be another headline making case that people remember and lead them to perhaps question whether truth always prevails in the criminal justice system. even though again it's important to liberty and our constitutional values for us not to convict unless and until the jury is convicted beyond a reasonable doubt. >> professor doug berman thank you so much for ohio state university. we're just an hour away from president obama's first twitter town hall. not known for his brevity. president obama will not be playing by the 140 character rule when he answers questions there. send your questions. twitter officials will select a
12:54 pm
handful and the president will respond via webcast not through the popular network itself. we're just a few-away from the announcement of something awesome from facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg. that's what was said by them. speculation is running as to what this awesomeness will be. when you take a look at this, what's it going to be? is this something skype should be scared about? >> i think it might be something that is skype actually. i don't know how awesome i think it is. >> their words, not ours. >> exactly. they've got to get people to show up to their announcement. i would look for skype video chat integration into facebook so you can see being able to chat with your friends live online. we're maybe going to see an html 5 versus of facebook to use it on nonflash browsers. and possibly we're hoping this happens is a facebook ipad app. >> a lot of people are looking for that. >> that would be great. it's coming.
12:55 pm
>> that's not so awesome. wuf got to think about facebook as an alternate way of viewing the internet. the internet is not the web and vice versa. facebook tees trying to get people to use the internet through their portal instead of going on to a google browser. >> for more things. >> they keep on expanding. >> will they get competition since you brought up google. google plus was just announced. >> >> google plus is a jump into this social networking pool. like i said before, facebook is a way to access is internet. it's not just a way to talk to your friends. that makes google a little bit nervous. they rule the web. face box is really doing things that are outside of the web right now. your iphone ap for facebook is almost a superior interphase. >> you are speaking 1999ish when you say it's a way to see the web. that's what all of them want to do. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks for watching on this day. i'll see you right back here tomorrow at noon eastern. 9:00 in the west. up next "andrea mitchell
12:56 pm
reports." hi there, richard. thanks so much. up next on "andrea mitchell reports," show down over the budget. it's all coming down to taxes. and new fundraising figures for the republican candidates. can anyone catch up to mitt room knee. we'll tell you what a haboob is. "andrea mitchell reports" up next on msnbc. here's your business travel forecast. i'm meteorologist bill karins. around the country hot weather continues along with thunderstorms. these are the type that are only around for 20, 30 minutes in the late afternoon. it's possible today, d.c., atlanta, detroit and chicago. as far as areas on the west coast go, many coastal locations will be dry. den very and phoenix the chance of a late day storm.
12:57 pm
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," deal breaker, a day ahead of tomorrow's big deficit summit, it's all about taxes. will tax measures help cut the deficit as the white house wants or do any tax measures have to be revenue neutral as republicans demand? >> we don't think it's max mallist to oppose hundreds of billions of dollars in tax hikes in the middle of a job crisis. we have a better term for it, common sense. >> wil

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